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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cricut County Fair Texas Pillow and Surprise Giveaway!

Living in Texas means you must embrace the whole Texas-logo-way-of-life!  So this pillow seemed like a great idea to make for my son's bed.

I had not tried cutting fabric with the Cricut before but had seen the infomercial and it looked very easy so I thought I would try it.

I got all the supplies for this project at Walmart.  They had some pillowcases for $5 for 2 in many colors. Surprisingly, the fabric doesn't even feel scratchy (LOL!).  In the fabric section, I bought 1/2 yard of each color except yellow, of which I bought 1/4 yard.

Finally, I bought Heat 'n Bond, shown above.  It was $2.99 for 17" x 1 yard. I bought two packets.



1) Wash and dry all fabric, including pillowcases. Now iron all fabric. (This is the longest step.)
2) I cut the fabric into 12" x 12" sections and then ironed on the Heat 'n Bond onto the wrong side of fabric according to the package directions.

3) Using the Cricut County Fair Cartridge, cut the Texas shape (shown above) at 10-1/4", all layers.
  • Here are the settings:  Speed at Low, Pressure at Max, Blade at 6, multi-cut two times.  Regular Blade.
  • My fabrics were 100% cotton and I tried both cutting with the fabric side up and then the Heat 'n Bond side up (with paper still applied).  I found the fabric side up to be better, which I wouldn't have predicted. If you do cut fabric side down, don't forget to flip your images, like I did (grr!). Some people do remove the paper backing - I did not and it still worked fine.
  • Some tips: Use a new blade and sticky mat.  Use a brayer to smooth out the fabric onto your mat.
4) Start by ironing down the shadow layer, according to directions on packet.  Proceed ironing each of the layers on top of each other - they stack just like the Create A Critter Cricut cartridge.

5) The image is thick once all those layers are on so this wouldn't be the most comfy pillow to sleep on but for decoration, it's perfect!

Now for our Surprise Giveaway! 

TWO Martha Stewart Cake Cartridges!

These work in ALL the machines and can be used for papercrafting as well as cake making.

1) Cricut Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art Cartridge:

2) Cricut Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art Cartridge:

How can you win?

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That's it!  We will draw winners from this post ONLY on Sunday, June 19, 2011.  Winners have two weeks to claim their prize.

Finally, have you heard about the Cricut Classroom?

Right now, they are having a super fun, FREE video class showing you how to make the cake above for Father's Day!

Check it out HERE!  There are many other cute classes to view for free also including a banner, wall art Cricut Cake and Expression 2 class.

Be sure and check out Joy's and Melanie's personal blogs for more creative goodness at Obsessed with Scrapbooking and Courtney Lane Designs!

Have a great day! This post may contain affiliate links.
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Sandy said...

What a great project

Kathlene said...

I am so torn with purchasing the new cartridges or continuing to buy the older ones as they are going out. So many choices, but I truly love the new things you guys are making, they are beautiful. Thank you for the ideas.


NYCVicky said...

The images on the Martha carts would look beautiful on my Wedding Album I am working on. I could make some awesome layouts with those gorgeous flourishes!

Luria said...

I would love to make one of these cute pillows for the state of Georgia. TFS


julie said...

great idea to use ur cricut to cut out patterns. i just brought some heatnbound to hem my sons pants to find out the pants dont fit.and i cant return it cuz i lost the receipt HELLO!!! lol.can i also say love love me some martha. thx for the chance.

Rose said...

Your pillowcase is a little mini quilt in its self thanks for all the instruction!I would love to win one of these MS carts.I would make a LO for each holiday,the little bunny border is so cute!Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art would make cute holiday kids T-shirts or little onesies for my great nephew.

Susan K said...

Great ideas and instructions - never disappointed with your content!

Susan K said...

Have been longing to try a fabric project. Now thanks to your great directions - I'm ready. Will try a block for a co-worker's baby quilt gift. Love the Martha Stewart's designs.

Kathi Silvia said...

What an awesome idea! I haven't used Heat n Bond in years! Would like to use on a t-shirt. But I have used fabric on on paper gift bags too!

cowbelleru said...

One giveaway, two cartridges, what could be better than that. I would be able to do so many things with these great cartridges. Hope to win.


Margie said...

Oh these are adorable! I would love to use them on scrapbook pages!

Joy said...

I'm loving the info on cutting fabric with the cricut. I want to make some fabric books for my granddaughter to be (My daughter is due in 2 weeks).

Love Is In The Details said...

So cute! The next thing I want to make from fabric is a Build Your Own Fort Kit for my son, this has just given me a great idea for adding some cute details to the carrying bag and sheets! Would love these cartridges, thanks! Andrea

Susan from SC said...

My parents and brother live in Texas... I'm going to have to get the Country Fair cartridge, if only just for the Texas cut! :) Love the pillow!

julie said...

hi i would love to own the cake carts. I've always wanted to make a design with fabric from any of my cartridges and now i can, thanks for doing all you do for us and you need to get best blog hugs julie xx

Anonymous said...

Two things I haven't tried yet with my cricut, cut on fabric and on vinyl and I would love to do so with the MS cake cartridge, thanks Madie

Laura said...

I just opened my cricut cake machine and can't wait to try it out. I would love to win the Martha cartridges. thanks as always for the give aways and great ideas!


redjanfan said...

these cartridges are so cute (but aren't they all??) would love to win any of them!

R. Capo said...

Great tips for using fabric in the cricut!

Susie said...

I would love to make my son a cute t-shirt for his class. His school's theme is wild wild west side.

Saints Rule! said...

Thanks so much for the instructions on this project. I can't wait for County Fair to avx for everyone! And thanks so much for sponsoring this cool contest! Blessings!

Homespun Hurricaine said...

absolutely love this I live in texas and I think this is a great idea!

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