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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disney Alice in Wonderland Project and Challenge


Today's project comes from the Cricut Disney Classics cartridge.  How about these Alice in Wonderland images?  The Disney images are time consuming to layer but so worth the effort!

I had to make a centerpiece for a tea party my daughter is having in her 6th grade English class.  While they are not reading Alice in Wonderland, the characters in the book they are reading keep talking about it.  So, we thought this would make a cute centerpiece.

Since it has to survive a day at junior high, I didn't embellish it up too much.  Of course, starting the project at 8 pm also had something to do with that...

Everyday Cricut - Disney White Rabbit and Chesire Cat

All the images were cut at 5-1/2", all layers (9 of them!).  I used the Cricut Imagine machine to speed up the process and boy, did it help!  Between the color picker that let me find a nice skin tone color and the ease of getting everything laid out,  the Imagine saved me lots of time and effort.  I just plugged in my layers, colored them and let the machine lay out all the images.  It did take 8 mats worth of paper but keep in mind, each page was not completely full.

Everyday Cricut - Disney Mad Hatte White Rabbit

To make the centerpiece, all I did was take a sheet of 12" x 24" paper and score it every 5 inches.  That gave me a piece to overlap and form the square shape.  I used decorative scissors (insert wide eyes) for the top edge and then even out the bottom using the trimmer so it was nice and even.  This design allowed for the centerpiece to be folded flat for easy transport to school in a 12" x 12" plastic envelope.  Did I mention we brought 30 cupcakes also?  Lots to carry.

Everyday Cricut Disney Alice in Wonderland

And now a word about the cuts themselves.

Everyday Cricut Disney Alice in Wonderland
 Alice, Alice, Alice.  She would really prefer to be cut even larger then the 5-1/2" I chose since her eyes and mouth are no bigger than a gnat's toe nail at this size.  As gnats don't have toe nails, you get the picture of how small those pieces are.  Also, the whites of her eyes are quite tiny.  I used blue pen to make the blue eyes.

Everyday Cricut Disney Chesire Cat
As a contract, the Chesire Cat wasn't too difficult - the top light pink by his ears was the only difficult section.
Everyday Cricut Disney White Rabbit
Coffee cup gave me fits but the rest was easy on the White Rabbit.
Everyday Cricut Disney Mad Hatter scrapbooking
Finally, the Mad Hatter was probably the easiest of them all!

A tip for using the Imagine to print and cut:  Walmart now has 12" X 12" pads of Colorbok textured white cardstock (40 sheets for $5) and it prints and cuts beautifully!  The colors are rich and the texture adds so much.

We're starting a new thing here at Everyday Cricut: Once a week, we'll have a challenge of some kind and a link for you to share projects you've made.  Don't worry - we won't make them hard!  It's just a way to see all your fun, fantastic creations!  (And we won't own the images...).

So, for our first week's challenge, we're starting with Disney!

We'd love to see some Disney projects you guys have made!  Any kind is good - cards, layouts, home decor, T-shirts, brag books, whatever.  Please link up your photos with your site name below in Mr. Linky!  We can't wait to see all the beautiful things you guys have made!

Click the link at the bottom of this post to enter! Please type your name/screen name in the caption/title section and then choose the photo and link you wish to use. Please link directly to the post with your card, instead of just your general blog.

If you have any trouble, try entering the link first, then upload your photo from your computer instead of "from web".

Be sure and check out Joy's and Melanie's personal blogs for more creative goodness at Obsessed with Scrapbooking and Courtney Lane Designs!

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Dawn said...

This is the 1st time I've REALLY liked a paper project using the Imagine. The colors are nice and bright!

pawprintspetsits @ yahoodotcom

Trell said...

Interestingly enough, I want an Imagine JUST for Disney projects! I would use it for other things, but I really want the ability to put in the RGB codes.

Love the characters. Great project!

Kelsey said...

These images are so great!

Yvette said...

I am so impressed with the detail in this centerpiece! I can only imagine how long it took (no pun intended). Looks fantastic!

momof2redheads said...

Very very cute, but boy looks like so much work!

Rhonda V. said...

Absolutely fabulous and I love that you used a decorative edge scissors for the centerpiece!

WOW on all of those amazing Alice in Wonderland images, the Imagine did a wonderful job... my jaw is STILL on the floor!!! BRAVO!!!

Michelle said...

Adorable project! I love the colors.

annette said...

awesome project! and you have plenty of patience to put all those images together lol
what a great giveaway also! im excited for whoever wins!


T said...

Super Cute!!! great project!


Ellen ♥ CardMonkey said...

Loving the Disney box!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
E-mail: cardmonkey@comcast.net

Santie said...

Your projects brought fun, sun and laughter into my grey and cold day. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

So cute. I love my Disney Carts but I do not enjoy all the little pieces. But worth the effort when they are put together.


alearly said...

looks like alot of work and small pieces. Nicely done. The challenge is a great idea and looks like it is turning out well

Linda H. said...

So many projects so little time! Everyday Cricut you rock!!!! Getting closer to the Imagine winner! I have my fingers crossed.
Happy Scrappin everyone!

Kristi said...

I love this project. The colors are great and so are the cuts. It makes me want to get this cart! Thanks.
kidshomelove at yahoo dot com

Jessica said...

I love Alice! Sweet little project! TFS

Mallory said...

Very Cute. I also hate when the cuts have tiny little pieces that are impossible to work with.
mallorydanger at gmail dot com

Little Moos and My Creative Pink. said...

I wish this cart was out when I had my daughter's Alice in Wonderland party. Decorating would have been much easier!

Carrie's Corner said...

This is a great project! I love Alice in Wonderland and this is just too cute. It would make a wonderful gift box! TFS and the chance to win an Imagine!

Kyle Dadgar said...

Cute box! Love this idea!

latanya said...

Great centerpiece. It looks like you spent a lot of time on it.

Crafty Sue said...

Who doesn't love Disney? This is so cute and could be for any age. TFS

Anna said...

That must have taken a lot of patience (probably more than I have!). Anna
tinemorp at hotmail dot com

Brenda Moore said...

loving the centerpiece, what a cute party theme

jennyplace2 said...

Wow! Your canterpieces is outstanding! This was a must have cartridge for me...I didn't care how much it cost...I just knew I had to have it. TFS your wonderful project.

cal8007 said...

Oh, I don't have any Disney pics. I made a frame for my cousins little boy, but did not take a picture. I'll have to ask her to take a pic and send it to me so I can post it.

Thanks for the chance to win

Carmen L
cal8007 at aol dot com

RAP said...

Fun disney project

Brenna said...

that is soo amazing!! the colours are stunning!!! tfs

Anonymous said...

Ok, cute but in a creepy way... Love the container though...LOL

ewokyoda at yahoo

mississchic said...

Awesome! I love Alice in Wonderland. mississchic @ yahoo dotcom

Jennifer said...

very cute! I love all of your projects!

Tiffany said...

Love thos project! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorites. TFS


Michele said...

Beautiful details. Really love this project.

Tiffany S said...

What a great idea- I love these Disney carts!

Got2BCrafting said...

Wow oh wow... that came out fabulous! Those Disney cartidges can be very very difficult, but I have almost all of them!!! I still can't believe you guys are giving away an Imagine... what an incredible prize that would be to win! Can't wait until Sunday!! Woo Hoo!!

Beth Fiscus said...

What a lovely box. And yes, the tiny detail would be a bugger!
bfiscus at nntc dot net

kellmg said...

Love all the disney projects!! So much creativity!!
It has been too long since I have looked/shopped for new Cricut cartridges!! Love all the Disney!!

Dana said...

Love the color! Did you use the imagine to print first or was this all cut and pieced together. Just lovely.

Kathy said...

Love this! I agree that the Disney cartridges are alot of work, but so worth it! It also helps to cut images at least 4 inches (the bigger the easier to layer). Thanks!

Janelle said...

The centerpiece is wonderful! The tip about using the imagine to color all the layers for each image on the Disney carts is great. Having cut out a Disney image with 9 different layers on 9 different colors of cardstock I know the Imagine will make those images a lot more fun. Thanks so much for the great tip with the Imagine machine and the Disney cartridges.

TyTynNiyasmom said...

What a cute project. TFS


livylou2907 said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for getting everybody to link theirs too. I need all the ideas I can get!

Kim said...

I love Disney. As a child, we used to always watch it on Sunday night. Thanks for showing us the cute project for your daughter's class.

Sherry A said...

Wow, what a beautiful project. I haven't used my Disney Classics. Guess I should get busy. Thanks for sharing this stunning project.

Ari said...

I am seriously considering getting an Imagine exactly because it will save me so much time with picking out the proper paper colors. Nice project!

Colleen said...

Love the box! Beautiful work!

Rainbow Designs at huntel dot net

Drakeriver said...

Great job! I just love Alice in Wonderland!! Its nice to see the cuts completed, haven't tackled it yet but now I have lots of inspiration!!!

Kathy said...

The Disney Alice in Wonderland projects are so cute!

Helen said...

WoW!!! Love it, the colors of gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!!

Kelly Braund said...

So cute! All those layers are sure worth it!

Kim (momofneb) said...

Very cute! What a wonderful idea!


PixiesDelight said...

I love me some Alice!

Tamara said...

Oh that is super cute!!! I just got that cartridge and can't wait to use it!
sweetheartcopper at msn dot com

mema said...

Very ,very cute!

tammy said...

I absolutely love all of the projects that everyone has done.

Anonymous said...

very cool!


Doodlebugs said...

such cute odeas going to disney again this summer would love to get new disnet cart

Becky Becerra said...

Awesome project! Thanks for sharing.
Becky Becerra

HeatherM said...

Beautiful project ideas! Love them.

ladybuglover365 said...

Cute projects! Wow...I'd love a chance to win the Cricut Imagine! THANKS! -Kathy

Gwen said...

I love this box it is so amazing.

Sunny's Mama said...

I saved this to my Disney folder and just found it, thank goodness! We're having an "Alessandra in wonderland" birthday party for my daughter followed by a surprise trip to Disney 10 days later. I love this cart and have started going mad with it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I love Alice and wonderland it is one of my favorite movies and I even like the new one too. I can't believe that u just pick out a comment and give stuff away. That's awesome. I would love to win something because I never do, but thanks for the chance.

layered creations said...

Beautiful! Question: Did you try to make the butterfly? It cuts out an extra piece and I don't know what its for. HELP!

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