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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun and Spooky Halloween Treat Boxes with Happy Hauntings

Hey there this is Susan.  Welcome to the third Saturday of October, my week as your Saturday Designer.  Has anyone else noticed WHAT Joy and Melanie have done to me???  Every month they have a fabulous guest designer, like Maria (!!) for this month, and my Saturday post follows these great guest designers!!!  Such pressure.....

Okay enough with my whining, let's get on to today's projects.  With Halloween just around the corner I thought we might need yet one more Halloween project (before we rush past Thanksgiving and move right into the Christmas season).  I do not know about your house, but at our house Halloween is all about the little costume clad goblins that will be going door to door to collect their loot.  I like to make a lasting impression on my trick or treaters, especially my special few trick or treaters, and with that in mind I created five gift boxes from Cricut's Happy Hauntings cartridge. 

The first treat box is one of the two pumpkin boxes from the Happy Hauntings cartridge.  I cut the base box in a Halloween print with an inset pumpkin face in orange gingham.  I added black facial features, green stem (hidden) and I used ribbon to attach the name tag.  I finished the box with a trick or treat stamp in the lower right corner.

The second box I am sharing today is one of the tombstone boxes.  I like the idea of the tombstones but I did not want the tombstones to get too spooky.  Some of my special trick or treaters are pre-schoolers and I did not want to frighten them.  I cut this box in a fun fall polka dot pattern, inking the edges.  I used a scrap of basic gray paper to add the front layer.  The top layer is a scrap rectangle of cardstock stamped with a Happy Halloween stamp. I added the name tag to the box with a strip of orange and gold ribbon.

 The next treat box is a Dracula trimmed casket.  Okay I may be moving into the spooky realm.  I cut the box in a fun Halloween multi-print with an orange gingham reverse.  This fun green Dracula gets to spend his days surrounded by orange gingham.  Again I added a Halloween stamp as well as a gingham name tag.  And don't you love the spooky BOO ribbon?

 The next treat box is a little darker yet, another coffin.  Cut in black cardstock this coffin is embellished with a RIP (Rest in Peace) sign, gold Stickles, and a spooky little ghost.  The ghost was cut from Paper Doll Dress Up.  I attached the name tag to the ghost tag and embellished the tag with two ribbons.

The final treat box is the the darkest of them all, another Halloween coffin.   Again this coffin was cut in black cardstock and again I embellished the top of the coffin with an RIP sign.  Instead of cute stamps and ribbon, this coffin's only other decoration is this skull and crossbones metal embellishment.  This box is for an older boy who would not have appreciated the ribbons.  

I hope that I have given you some ideas of how to make your trick or treaters feel extra special when they visit your house. Again, all of these boxes were cut using Happy Hauntings; what a fabulous cartridge!! 

You can visit my blog, Busy with the Cricky, by clicking on the name.  While there be sure to check out my DVD set, It's a Kid's Life.  The DVDs feature 18 layouts with video and pdf instructions as well as the cut files for all of the elements.

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DeeDee said...

OMGoodness! Too adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Marsha K said...

I want to quit working so I can just make these.!!!They are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Those are so much fun. Love the coffin!

Tamara T said...

These are fabulous! I just got the HH cartridge about a week ago.. love it!


Elaine said...

Susan, those coffins are to die for!! Love those great goodie bags:o) Looks like you had lots of fun!

Elaine said...

Susan, those coffins are to die for!! Love those great goodie bags:o) Looks like you had lots of fun!

bugnbus said...

Hi all...love this cant wait!

1Happy Mimi said...

You talk about pressure, but after seeing your awesome Halloween boxes, I look at the little ones I made for my neighbor kids & feel silly! What a beautiful job-and candy to boot!!

Deedles said...

OMG those coffins are soo adorable. I won 1st prize this year decorating our cubicles for Halloween (out of 50 people). I used all cricut products mostly from Chic and Scary to do so, while others bought the usual fare from the retail stores. I'm thinking next year coffins and creatures would be great!

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